Wednesday, May 18, 2011


.... and fabulous, I could have to say!
So, yesterday I turned officially 25 years old, and although I must admit that I'm not thrilled, I actually had a great time and accepted the fact that I'm getting old-er.
Cause as I'm getting older, i'm also getting sooooo much better. In different levels and in different things!

1/4 of a century...this means : great friends (old & new), an incredible family, endless fun, cute clothes-shoes-bags-jewellery-accessories, fashion, happiness, sadness, a great- wonderful-beloved Dad who is missed every single day but in my memory & in my heart forever, Deree, tennis, headbands & ballerinas, summers, an -almost- two years old nephew who is the cutest and the most stylish baby on earth, an awesome mum always by my side, tears & laughs, flowers and springs, Gossip Girl, studies, advertising,  passion, weddings, a marvelous bf with enormous patience & love for me (2 years baby), 2 years abroad, marbles, crying a lot (sorry i can't help it), 2 stunning sisters who are like friends and i adore them.

Pretty great life huh? ... we tend to want more and more and more... and sometimes we forget what truly matters in the world. Sometimes we just need to sit back, relax and think of all those things that make us happy. The things we already have and consider them facts, given or whatever. Nothing is truly given, and we should show our love for people every single f**** day. Because tomorrow may be too late. I know that because I never got the chance to say "I love you ", and no matter how loud I might shout it now, nobody is going to respond.

Live your life in full, nothing is given as we think. I know that I love a Chanel or a Hermes bag & you do too!! But do they smile at you? Do they look proud of you? Do they hold your hand or hug you when you need them? I don't think so...

Have a smile on your face everyday! It does make you prettier and you know it!!!
Love you all! And Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



  1. that was a great post!!! loved it and love you!!! i wish you all the best and always huuuuge smiles on your face babe.. Happy birthday to.. US!!!!! <3