Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just a little, very little intro

Hi everybody...!

As I am totally new to this blogging thing please show some sympathy!
Sharing some things about myself could be useful! I am a 24 years old (ok almost 25 but I insist saying, till my birthday, the previous younger age-lol) communications (PR/advertising) student from Greece.
I got 2 wonderful sisters Dimitra and Maro and a crazy baby nephew who i adore and he is considered a fashion icon from the day he was born! 

I am a Gossip Girl fannatic so be not suprised if you notice a lot of GG posts in here!
Τruly, my greatest love beside my family and friends is F for FASHION!
Οk i know big surprise! Εver the most stupid person on earth would get that by just looking at the URL above!

One last thing .........my most favorite accessory  in the world of fashion is HEADBANDS! maybe that's the reason i fall in love with GG at the first place...hhhmmmm



  1. I have to add here that apart from a fashion addict (in a good way) and expert (which I confirm she is) she is also a lovely person who follows her dreams...
    Even though life hasn't been exactly easy for her she doesn't give up but keeps fighting for things that are worth in life...
    She is an honest, loyal, trustworthy friend as well as a very smart, stylish and beautiful young lady!!

    Very proud of you honey...
    (Don't ever let your thunder be stolen)

    Keep it up C!!
    Can't wait to read more of your themes...

    You know you love me...

  2. The coolest blog ever!!! Good job sweetheart!! You 're my inspiration.. I need some good advice (you know what i mean)...You're an expert..!

    You Know We Love You..You're our little Blair.. You're Queen C..